Pain Effect


Though it is unlike me, I find the partiality of myself somewhat uncheerful. For what reason?
It is hard to discern that within the chaos my mind.
However, I believe it has to do with the Universe.
Yes, yes, the Universe.
I met someone they call the Divine One, supposedly the God of the Universe I am visiting. The girl affirms that this Divine One is indeed the God of this Universe.
Why, then, does she accompany me?
I sense that her mind is riddled with uncertainty, but it does not seem to be of myself... I shall discover what her true intentions are.
If that means creating this world of chaos, so be it!
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Pain Effect


'Tis a tad unweatherlike.
The girl is most strange, even to me.
She declares my actions not random enough.
What does she speak of!? Surely I am far more random than she!
What can a girl be against a god?
I shan't allow such nonsense within order, I shall prove to her the true meaning of chaos!
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Pain Effect


Oh, how delicious!
A girl has asked of me a world of randomness!
It is far too perfect, methinks.
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